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Soccer Pilsner Glass


Everyone knows those goals are more exciting with a beer! Now you can be a true fan and drink it out of the Lolita Soccer Pilsner Glass from the Gotta Love Beer collection.

Product Details:

  • 20 oz. hand painted pilsner glass.
  • Unique Lolita themed message at bottom of each classically shaped pilsner glass.
  • Every Lolita Pilsner Glass comes distinctively packaged in signature gift box.
  • Lolita recommends that each hand painted pilsner glass be hand washed. Not dishwasher safe.
Price: $27.50

Reviews: (1)

Perfect gift!
I got this glass for my boyfriend last year for Christmas and the paint hasn't been chipped away nor had the glass broke or cracked. He loves this glass and it also means a lot because he is heavily involved with soccer! I'm definitely going to get myself and my friends and family glasses from Lolita :)
- Megan